Equip your Arsenal for Wellness

How does one round out their fitness wellness. Its not just cardio or lifting weights, but it involves including the whole package together.  We are here to help you find out. Today’s guest for our interview series is Michelle Barnard, founder of Arsenal Wellness based in Atlanta GA.

Michelle Barnard is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga, and Group Exercise Instructor. Honored to help our world community stay fit for life, Michelle designs challenging results driven workouts for all fitness levels. Armed with over 10 years of teaching experience and the preparation of training, Michelle Barnard Fitness stands ready to assist you in reaching your fitness potential.

​Michelle’s passion for fitness inspired her to spread her message to others by starting her own company, Michelle Barnard Fitness. From this inspiration she has has developed Tone & Tuff and Barefoot Boot Camp small group training programs. Here she uses her background in kickboxing, yoga, weight training, Pilates, water and floor aerobics to help many achieve their fitness goals.


In this interview you can learn:

  • How to follow ones fitness passions
  • Reaching out to others over social media
  • Yoga Benefits
  • Inspiration to discover

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