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Featured Leaders – Learn about the Trailblazers spearheading the Fest movement. Fitness Intelligence Consultants, Personal Trainers, Nutritionist and much more!

Alan Nafarrete

Fitness Intelligence Consultant / Founder of Fest

Alan Nafarrete is a Biomedical Engineer from Georgia Tech. He has leveraged his talent to provide healthy lifestyle suggestions to friends and family. Naturally, he has continued this passion for health to pioneer the Fest Fitness Business. Alan is excited for the possibilities with this platform and hopes to share his vision with those who are willing to discuss. I look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone on the site! 🙂

Alan Nafarrete

Jeric Rosales

Personal Trainer

Jeric Rosales is a health and fitness enthusiast. He is a personal trainer and wellness coach. He has been practicing in Augusta, GA and is well respected in his community. Jeric has taken his fitness to new levels by training clients and himself every day.

Jeric Rosales

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