Rewiring Your Brain

Every day people wonder how one person can reach success and why its impossible for them to do the same. This mindset, is actually a learned habit. In our book review, we will look at the science behind the mental habits you form in your brain and how to make a difference in your life.

In my life, I practice 30 day sprints to build the willpower muscle. Using the Chains app, you can visualize an activity and utilize social pressures, gameify to help build this muscle. This app/website is useful to build this willpower muscle of your brain.

Here is the bad news about the bad habits you have formed : YOU CANT CHANGE THEM IN YOUR BRAIN. Technically, neurologist have found that that the neural networks will remain. The triggers and cues will remain in your brain and will cause you to have an “automatic” reaction. The GOOD news is that we can train our “resistance” muscle to help resist the urges/habits you have already formed. Another benefit is that when you form new habits, your brain will brain will make decisions which habit to follow. As the old saying goes, “Whichever wolf you feed will grow.” So make the start now to make a new habit.

Feel free to leave comments below on starting a healthy habit. What has helped you and what techniques you learned.

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